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SCHA has identified a need for real estate development legal services to implement its development and redevelopment efforts.  The real estate development legal counsel will be a direct advisor to SCHA throughout the conceptual, predevelopment, financial closing and implementation process.


The purpose of this RFQ is to allow SCHA to solicit meaningful, technical, competitive quote’s so it may select, from among a range of quotations, the attorneys or law firms(s) (“Firm”) that best meet its needs and requirements in providing real estate development and redevelopment legal services.  Respondents should acquaint themselves the SCHA’s enabling statute, of the State of Florida, as well as relevant local, state and federal laws and regulations when reviewing the Scope of Services.  Prior to submitting a quote, Responders, at their own expense, must secure any personnel required to perform the required Services.

Please see attached link to download entire package.

RFQ for Legal Services Complete Package