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662 Academy Place Oviedo, FL 32765 Ph 407-365-3621 Fax 407-359-2576 MUTUAL RESCISSION AGREEMENT I, __________________________________, the tenant, and ____________________________, the Landlord mutually agree to rescind the Housing Assistance Payment Contract, the Lease, and any Addendum to the Lease that is currently in effect for the above named resident located at: Tenant Address:____________________________________ ____________________________________ The effective date of this rescission will be__________________________. After which, the Housing Assistance Payment Contract is void. If the tenant remains in the unit after the rescission date, the tenant is solely responsible for the entire rent. **Will the above family leave owing a balance? ( ) yes or ( )no If yes, how much? ______________ **Have you set up a repayment agreement? ( ) yes or ( )no If yes, please provide a copy of this agreement. ****ATTN LANDLORDS-The Section 8 Office strongly urges you to complete a walk-through inspection of your unit with the tenant before signing this form. If no is checked on the two questions above, Section 8 will assume that the tenant is leaving in good standing with you and we will process the tenants new move as scheduled.*** ONLY BY ANSWERING "NO" TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS, WILL THE CLIENT BE ISSUED PAPERWORK TO MOVE. ___________________________________ _____________________________ Tenant Signature Date ___________________________________ _____________________________ Landlord Signature Date Rev 06/07