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Portability Facts

Portability is the ability of a family to move from one Housing Authority’s jurisdiction to another location.


If you want to consider using the portability option, you must inform your current Housing Authority of your intent, and complete the “portability request form”. The receiving Housing Authority will decide if they will administer your assistance either by absorbing you into their program, or by billing your current Housing Authority for your assistance. (We are currently billing for our port in families). There may be some areas of the country that you will not be able to transfer to.  You will need to check with your current Housing Authority to get help in identifying these areas.


The receiving housing authority’s administrative plan will determine your occupancy standards, or bedroom size, and their fair market rent or payment standard will apply. (See the attached memo detailing our current subsidy standards).


Your current Housing Authority determines how many days notice they will require for your intent to move. We require a thirty (30) days notice. You must also give the owner proper written notice as specified by your lease and provide your current Housing Authority with a copy of the notice.


For proper delivery of  your port documents please provide the following information to your case manager:


                                 Seminole County Housing Authority

                                 PHA Code/HUD ID#: FL033

                                 Tenant Port Contact: Athena Lunsford

                                 Port Billing Issues: Emma Marrero

                                 Phone Number: 407-365-3621

                                 Fax Number: 407-359-2576

                                 Address: 662 Academy Place

                                                  Oviedo, FL 32765


You will need to contact our office to confirm receipt of your port package and to be registered for a port in briefing. Our briefings are normally scheduled for Thursday mornings.Because of the limited space children are not allowed at the briefing.  Our briefings cover the essentials that you need to successfully find a unit within our jurisdiction. Once a port family has moved into a new unit we require the family to remain in our jurisdiction for at least one year unless there are unusual circumstances, as determined by us. In some cases, we may require that the participant and landlord agree, in writing, mutually to terminate the lease.


Repayment Agreement

If a participant owes money to a Housing Authority, the participant must sign a repayment agreement to pay back any amounts owed.  Any repayment agreement must be completely paid before porting to another jurisdiction.


2015 Payment Standards (Effective February 2015)

0 bedroom


1 Bedroom

2 Bedroom


3 Bedroom

4 Bedroom


5 Bedroom


Payment Standard Memo

Subsidy Standard Policy