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Property Listing

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Property Listing


1.     Name and phone number of owner/contact person.




2.     Rental Property Address



_________ # of Bedrooms     _________ # of Bathrooms


TYPE OF UNIT:(circle one) Single Family/ Duplex / Townhouse / Condo / Apt


_____ washer/dryer   _____ W/D hook ups    _____dishwasher


_____ stove/fridge     _____ Microwave         _____ Garbage disposal


_____ Central A/C    _____ Garage/Carport   _____ Screened Porch


_____ Swimming Pool



Requested Rental Amount $____________  Security Deposit $______________


Application Fee $__________


Other Comments about Property:______________________________________



**Please note, this property listing will stay on our list for 30 days.  If you would like to re-list the property, please submit a new form.**



SCHA Staff